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Amsterdam architecture is world famous for dazzling collections of unique buildings both modern and classic. There is not a single square foot that is to be missed.




Amsterdam Architecture Is A Feast For The Eyes

Visit a city as old as Amsterdam and chances are you’re already expecting to take in some architectural wonders from years gone by. But, did you know this cool capital is also a showplace of modern styles? It’s true, Amsterdam architecture truly spans the time. Bringing old and new together, this city’s distinct buildings are a feast for the eyes. is here to help you make the most of your stay in this tremendous capital city. Our insiders’ guides to art, dining, architecture and more provide you with easy access to a listing of must-see destinations. As the European experts, we cut to the chase and help you discover the best of the best in places to visit. From Amsterdam architecture to the city’s shopping destinations, our listings are your roadmap for adventure.


If taking in the best of Amsterdam architecture is your plan, here is just a sampling of the spots we highly recommend visiting:

Muziekgebouw Aan 'T IJ – This amazing structure is located right on the harbor. Towering above the water, the glass showpiece stands testament to the distinctly modern tone of many examples of Amsterdam architecture. The building provides a tremendous view of the harbor and the city itself.

Amsterdam’s canals – Paramount features of this city’s infrastructure, the canals are much more than that. Blending functionality with beauty, these crucial structures are well worth taking in. In fact, you’re going to discover their designs truly set the tone for much of the city’s architectural style.

ARCAM – Architecture Centre Amsterdam – If you’d like to truly explore the trends in modern Amsterdam architecture, this is the place to visit. This destination is an architectural splendor in and of itself. Plus, it provides visitors with everything they could want to know about the cutting-edge designs found in modern Amsterdam architecture.

Amsterdam architecture is a feast for the eyes. If it’s your intent to take in the best of the best, we invite you to browse our full selection of recommendations. You’re going to discover there are some must-see sights that are well worth exploring in this amazingly cool capital!