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Explore The Amsterdam Design Scene

Whether it’s furniture, jewelry or interior design that fuels your passion, Amsterdam’s highly creative artisans will not disappoint. Amsterdam design masters are, in fact, some of the most notable in the world. At coolcapitals, we are thrilled to present you with some of the best insider tips for taking in the styles and works that make this city a capital destination for design.


Amsterdam design houses run the gamut from galleries that offer pieces of home décor for sale to jewelry masters that create stunning works of wearable art. Explore our listings and you will find an outline worth following during your visit so you can experience all the must-see destinations for yourself.


The following are just a few of the destinations we recommend for taking in the best of Amsterdam design:


Hans Appenzeller – There are few places in the world more renowned for jewelry making than Holland. This Amsterdam design studio shows just why. At Hans Appenzeller, visitors will enjoy one of the most intriguing collections of modern jewelry found anywhere in the world.


Tike Design – This Amsterdam design studio is famed for its unusual footstools that capture that capture the eye and the imagination. Tike designs are the synthesis of functionality and intrigue.


Das Wella Warenhaus – Want to see the latest and greatest in Amsterdam design in clothing, furniture, art and more? This is a must-see destination then. At Das Wella Warenhaus, visitors can explore the work of some of the city’s most notable up-and-coming designers in a wide variety of mediums.


If it’s your intent to take in the best of Amsterdam design during your visit, we invite you to use our complete guide as a roadmap for adventure. You will find this amazing capital city stays on the cutting-edge of design in fields such as fashion, furniture, jewelry and more. Within our listings, you will discover some of the city’s best-kept secrets and most notable gems. Enjoy!