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Savor Amsterdam Restaurants
The art, architecture and beauty of Amsterdam combined make this city a favorite for travelers. Renowned for its tolerance and diversity, this city's international flavors truly come to life in its restaurants. Amsterdam restaurants, in fact, deliver tastes savored by local patrons and tourists alike.

Amsterdam restaurants run the gamut when it comes to cuisine. From upscale French eateries to traditional Dutch pancake restaurants, hungry visitors will find just about any taste imaginable within this charming, canal lined city. At coolcapitals, we are pleased to offer a roadmap of establishments that are well worth taking in between the other famous attractions that make Amsterdam such a welcoming stop for visitors from all over the world.

While visitors will find no shortage of flavors to tempt their taste buds, here are a few Amsterdam restaurants we recommend for anyone's itinerary:

Pancakes Amsterdam - Experience the traditional taste of Dutch pancakes or choose a bolder flavor at this establishment famed for its international styling. This eatery stands out among other Amsterdam restaurants for its distinct dishes served in an elegant atmosphere. Patrons can sample true Dutch pancakes or tempt themselves with dishes served up Mexican-style, with Japanese influences and more.

Café Smit&Voogt - This among many other Amsterdam restaurants is one savored by locals and tourists alike. Within this cozy cafĂ©, visitors will find homemade dishes whipped up in true Dutch style. This is a perfect stop for a morning bite, a relaxing lunch or an enjoyable dinner.

Restaurant Fifteen - Indulge in Mediterranean flavors while taking in the stunning modern styling of this unusual establishment. Restaurant Fifteen is owned by British TV chef Jamie Oliver and is famed for its unusual backstory. Dishes here are distinctly Mediterranean modern in style.

We invite you to explore our full listings of the many Amsterdam restaurants we recommend for their incredible dishes, unique environments and first-class service. You're going to find some very cool places to visit. At coolcapitals, we strive to bring you the very best in Amsterdam restaurants, architecture, art and more.