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Antwerp's culture, history, vibrant nightlife and world class shopping are now within easy reach, thanks to excellent access by air, train, motorway and even water.



Antwerp Art: Where Cutting Edge Meets Traditional Mastery

There are few cities in all the world where art plays such an important role as in Antwerp. This ancient capital of cool has long been famed for its amazing art and architecture and this remains true to this day. If you’re ready to explore this spectacular destination, you’re going to find that the mastery of ancient artists is still celebrated as are the cutting edge creations of Antwerp’s modern artisans. Art in Antwerp is a feast for the eyes.


If Antwerp is on your agenda, is here to give you an insider’s view on what to see. When it comes to art in Antwerp, you are going to find there are plenty of destinations to take it all in. Here is just a sampling of our many recommendations for art lovers and aficionados alike:


Sterckshof Castle – Within this towering medieval structure, you will find a Silver Museum that’s a treat for the eyes. The collection includes more than 700 pieces of the most ornamental and breathtaking works ever forged from this metal. In addition, the architectural splendor of the castle makes this a must-see stop for art in Antwerp.


The Museum of Contemporary Art – Celebrating the modern arts, this destination features a variety of works that embrace more contemporary styles. The expansive exhibition space, in fact, features works that date from 1970 to cutting-edge designs of today. It is considered the perfect place to take in Antwerp art that is fresh, breathtaking and truly masterful.


Carolus Borromeus Church – Art and architecture followers adore this destination for seeing art in Antwerp. This baroque church features artwork by the master Rubens himself. Its exterior façade also boasts sculptures made by this legendary great. Within this single structure, expertise in both art and architecture combine to make Carolus Barromeus a must-see destination.


Explore Antwerp art and you’ll find this city is one that truly embraces beauty, splendor and cutting-edge design.  If this capital of cool is on your travel agenda, we invite you to explore our full listing of artistic recommendations. You’re going to find the Antwerp arts scene offers an amazing diversity of periods and styles.

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