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Antwerp's culture, history, vibrant nightlife and world class shopping are now within easy reach, thanks to excellent access by air, train, motorway and even water.



Antwerp Design Blends Contemporary Style With Traditional Flair

As a cosmopolitan city with a distinctly global reach, Antwerp has long been known for its mastery in art and architecture. This famed expertise extends into the design arena where metalworking and interior decorating artisans have continued to keep this capital of cool in the world’s spotlight. If you’re ready to explore Antwerp design, we’re here to help.


At, we’re pleased to provide our visitors with an inside peek into the best destinations to visit to take in Antwerp design. In a city that’s noted for interior creations, silver working and more, it can be hard to narrow down the choices. Let our recommendation list serve as your guide and you will experience the very best this capital city has to offer.


What follow is just a brief glimpse into the Antwerp design destinations we recommend to visitors who want to experience the best this capital of cool has to offer:


DesignCenter – Within this single building, you’ll find an array of leaders on the Antwerp design scene. The center is home to individual creators, promoters and even coaches from a variety of distinct disciplines. Here you can shop, explore and just see genius at work. The building itself is a marvel of architecture well worth a visit, too.


Kaai Design – This is considered Antwerp’s premiere destination for interior design. Within this Antwerp design studio, you’ll discover an amazing collection of furniture and interior design pieces that project a distinct modern flair. The studio is found near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art, which makes it a spectacular location to put on your agenda if you love art, architecture and design.


If Belgium is on your travel agenda, Antwerp design studios are considered must-see destinations for art lovers. Within this city’s many studios, you’ll see some of the finest modern works in interior design and more. To plan out your visit with an insider’s view of what to see, we invite you to explore our complete listing of recommendations. At, it’s our mission to bring you the very best of Europe’s cool capitals.

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