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Antwerp's culture, history, vibrant nightlife and world class shopping are now within easy reach, thanks to excellent access by air, train, motorway and even water.



Antwerp Fashion Sets The Stage For Style

Belgium is a little country that really strikes it big in the style department. When it comes to fashion, Antwerp is a must-see destination. Here visitors will discover a wide selection of upscale and trendy locations where they can explore the very best in Antwerp fashion designs. Expect to take in cutting edge style in this cool capital that’s famed for its bold, artistic flair – especially in fashion.


At, we are delighted to help our visitors experience the very best Antwerp has to offer. We invite you to browse our listings of Antwerp fashion destinations so you can set your itinerary to take advantage of some of the best destinations this cool capital has to offer.


Here are a few of our insider recommendations on fashion. Antwerp visitors will not be disappointed!


The MoMu – This is one of the hottest destinations in Antwerp fashion for anyone with a true passion for clothing and style. Technically a fashion museum, it features an amazing collection of lace, embroidery, clothing and more. Visitors will gain a true appreciation for the genius in fashion Antwerp really has to offer the world when they pay the museum a call.


Graanmarkt 13 – This Antwerp fashion destination is a shopper’s paradise, but it’s also much more. Each story of this building has its own story to tell. One the first floor, visitors can enjoy a styling meal before heading up to the higher landings where up-and-coming designers show off their wares. Graanmarkt 13 features cutting-edge styles in fashion, architecture, graphic design and even perfumes and handmade objects.


Walter – This store was once a garage, but true aficionados of Antwerp fashion won’t care. Featuring a large collection of designs by some of Belgium’s greatest creators, this is a must-see store for fashion loves. Designers’ wares on display here include store owner Walter Van Beirendonck, Bruno Pieters, Dirk Van Saene and a host of others.


Belgium might not be Europe’s biggest country, but it’s big on fashion. Visitor who explore Antwerp fashion destinations will soon discover there’s more to this amazingly cool city than meets the eye.

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