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Antwerp's culture, history, vibrant nightlife and world class shopping are now within easy reach, thanks to excellent access by air, train, motorway and even water.



Antwerp Restaurants Make The Journey One To Savor

Considering it’s one of the world’s most important port cities, it should come as no surprise that Antwerp restaurants offer visitors a myriad of flavors to experience. From upscale Spanish establishments to cozy eateries that are adored by the locals, food in Antwerp is crafted with mastery to tempt the taste buds and feed the soul.


At, it’s our intent to help visitors to this amazing city experience the best of the best. Let our listings serve as your road map for culinary adventure and you will discover the establishments that make Antwerp such an amazing destination. What follows is just a sampling of our suggestions of Antwerp restaurants:


·         Publique – Traveling to Antwerp without savoring the flavors of local cuisine is just not acceptable. When you’re ready to taste the dishes that make Belgium food so memorable, this trendy new eatery is the place to go. Publique serves up a tremendous variety of local favorites cooked to mouthwatering perfection. From shrimp croquettes and stoemp to rice pudding and beyond, Publique is the place to visit to savor the best in Antwerp restaurants.

·         La Pata Negra – The longstanding ties between Spain and Belgium are undeniable. At La Pata Negra, they’re undeniably delicious. This upscale eatery is found in the city’s medieval center and features an incredible selection of dishes. Stop here for a bite to eat and you’ll find tempting tapas, seafood and meat dishes are all on the menu. When it comes to food in Antwerp, this is an eatery is considered among the best.

·         Popoff – If you’re ready to dine the way the Belgians do, this is one of the best Antwerp restaurants to explore. Popoff isn’t fancy, but it is a favorite of locals. Serving up traditional dishes in a cozy, café setting, this restaurant is famed throughout the city and is found in Antwerp’s historic center.


Restaurants in Antwerp tempt visitors with a cornucopia of flavors. At, we’re here to give you the insider’s view on what’s hot and what’s not. To learn more about our culinary recommendations, we invite you to take a look at our full listings. Antwerp restaurants will not let you down.

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