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More than 30 museums and many art galleries in Valencia, give the opportunity to enjoy art and history from all eras.



Valencia Art Will Take Your Breath Away

A single visit to Valencia is simply not enough to take in all the splendor this city has to offer. Ancient in its roots and influenced by many different cultures through time, Valencia art is truly distinct. To help visitors experience the best of the best, we have put together an insider’s report on where to go and what to see in order to experience the best this capital of cool has to offer.


At, we are dedicated to helping visitors from all over the world take in and experience the best of Valencia. When it comes to Valencia art, narrowing down the choices is no easy task. After all, this modern capital of cool technically has roots that date back well into Roman times and beyond.


To help you make the most out of your Valencia experience, we recommend these places and more for taking in the artwork that has made this city famous:


Valencia Museum of Fine Arts – Housed in a building that is a true architectural wonder, this museum walks visitors through Valencia art history from the 14th century to modern times. The museum features its own sculpture pavilion, an archaeology section, works from primitives and beyond. It is well worth a visit if taking in the best of Valencia art is on the itinerary.


Galeria Luis Adelantado – This destination features the finest in contemporary art and sculpture. It is best known for its promotion of vanguard art and has played host to exhibitions by such famed artist as Marta Maria Perez Bravo and Serigo Barrera.


The History of Valencia Museum – This unusual destination is a treat among Valencia art museums. It enables visitors to explore the unusual history that has made Valencia such a distinct city to visit. Featuring more than 20 centuries of history under a single roof, the “Time Machine” is a wonder worth taking in.


With its Roman, Muslim and European influences, Valencia is truly Spain’s capital of cool. We invite visitors to browse our suggestions of the best places to take in Valencia art. If history, archaeology and truly fine works of art appeal, this city will not disappoint as a destination.

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