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From the Roman and Visigothic ruins to the futuristic City of Arts and Science, Valencia is a unique destination with an incredible mixture of architecture.



Valencia Architecture: A City Of Contrasts

Ancient castles, towering glass structures and uniquely shaped buildings meant to capture the eye and thrill the spirit all come together in Valencia. The wondrous contrasts make this Spanish city a capital of cool for certain. Exploring all the splendor found in Valencia architecture requires an insider’s guide to ensure a trip includes all the must-see destinations.


At, we are delighted to share our insights with you as you prepare to explore this amazing city. From art and architecture to dining and beyond, we provide you with a roadmap for adventure. If seeing the distinctions that make Valencia architecture so amazing is part of your plan, we invite you to peruse our full list of suggestions. Here are just a few of the destinations we highly recommend:


·         The Silk Exchange Market – This 15th century structure has been a World Heritage Site since the late 1990s. Featuring a distinct gothic design, this building is considered one of the most important in the city crafted in this style. Visitors here will find this amazing building not only represents the best of gothic design, but also offers a glimpse into the past. With its 28 gargoyles protecting the roof and its prison tower, it harkens back to a past that was fraught with peril even for merchants.

·         The Agora – Defying description, this truly distinct structure speaks to the best of modern Valencia architecture. With its sweep roof and unusual geometric design, the Agora serves as a meeting place for public and private ventures. It also plays host to tennis tournaments and more.

·         The Cathedral – This 13th century structure is one of the best examples of ancient Valencia architecture. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves art, architecture and history. Its truly unusual design makes it a treasure for Valencia.


If seeing the best of Valencia architecture is on your agenda, stands ready to assist. We invite you to peruse our full listing of recommendations to guide you on your journey through Spain’s premiere capital of cool. The amazing contrasts between old and new make this city a destination to savor. Our insider’s guide will give you the insights you need to put the most breathtaking and significant stops on your itinerary.

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