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Valencia is a city that loves fashion and design. This is reflected in its wide group of Valencian fashion designers and in its national and international boutiques.



Stay Trendy With Valencia Fashion

While it might not be as well-known on the international fashion scene as other European destinations, Valencia is definitely up and coming. Valencia’s designers have a flair that’s all their own and work hard to ensure the Valencia fashion scene is bold, creative and constantly gaining prominence on the global front. The city’s designers truly have their fingers on the pulse of the fashion world and they are fast gaining international recognition for their creations.


At, we have invite visitors to Spain’s capital of cool to browse our listings of destinations and events well worth exploring if fashion is a favorite. Valencia might not have the recognition of Paris, but it still offers some amazing destinations to explore. Here are just a few of our recommendations on how to take in all the best of Valencia fashion:


Visit during the 9th Valencia Fashion Week Celebration – This multinational show truly puts the spotlight on Valencia fashion. It is set to take place in September and is anticipated to draw some of the world’s best-known designers. Festivities surrounding fashion week take place at Feria Valencia, Pavilion 8, with many Valencia fashion designers featured, including Alex Vidal.


Explore the worlds of the city’s major designers – Valencia fashion designers are making big, international names for themselves. Some of the artisans visitors may wish to check out include Higino Mateu, Tonuca, Alex Vidal and more. Jewelry designer Vicente Gracia was even recognized by Vogue magazine for his amazing works.


Go shopping – One of the best ways for visitors to get their fingers on the pulse of Valencia fashion is for them to visit any of the city’s major stores. The city does have some amazing shopping venues, including shops that feature some of the world’s most notable brand names such as Escada, Louis Vuitton and Roberto Verino.

As a long-standing city of culture that has embraced the arts for centuries, it should come as little surprise that Valencia fashion designers are in the spotlight. To explore what Spain’s Capital of Cool has to offer in the design department, we welcome you to explore our full listing of recommendations. 

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