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From a Roman settlement to the world capital of music, Vienna has undergone vast changes throughout the centuries.



Vienna Architecture: Defining Majesty

Try to describe Vienna architecture with a single word and only one seems fitting – majestic. This ancient capital of cool has long led the world when it comes to palatial architectural designs and breathtaking works of art. When a visit here is on the agenda, the sheer number of significant architectural destinations can make it difficult to determine what is a must-see destination and what’s not.


At, our insider’s guide to Vienna architecture has been carefully crafted to help you take in the best structures of the past and the most breathtaking modern designs. We invite you to peruse our complete recommendation list, but for now we offer you a few samples of the splendor this capital of cool has to offer the eyes:


·         Vienna’s Ringstrasse – If you only have time for one stop to take in the best of Vienna architecture this boulevard is the place to go. Its circular design gives visitors an ability to take in the famed Opera House, the museums of fine art and natural history, Votive Church. The Ringstrasse and its buildings are truly the crowning jewel in Vienna architecture and speak to the majesty that has dominated designs here for centuries.

·         Kunsthalle Wien Project Space – While Vienna architecture is dominated by grandiose palaces and palatial arts houses and museums, modern design is not lost on this amazing capital of cool. Kunsthalle proves that Vienna has embraced the contemporary in a very big way. Featuring a stunning glass design, this building catches the eye as surely as the historic structures of the Ringstrasse do.

·         St. Stephen’s Cathedral – This gothic structure is a must see for those with a passion for architecture. Towering over parts of the city, the cathedral is considered one of the most important works of Vienna architecture ever created. The beauty and majesty of its design are undeniable.


When it comes to capitals of cool, Vienna is a city not to miss. If taking in the best of Vienna architecture during your stay appeals, let our complete insider’s guide serve as your map to adventure.


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