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From a Roman settlement to the world capital of music, Vienna has undergone vast changes throughout the centuries.



Vienna Fashion Pushes The Envelope

The designers that make the Vienna fashion scene fresh and unique might not be as well-known as those from Paris or Milan, but they push the envelope with their distinct creations. Visitors who want to experience the best in Vienna fashion will soon discover this capital of cool is a great one for shopping or simply exploring up-and-coming styles.


Attempt to window shop Vienna fashion without a good guide and you’ll soon find this capital of cool does overwhelm with possible destinations. To make it easier for visitors to experience the best of the best, we have put together an insider’s guide of recommendations. What follows are just a few of our suggestions on the Vienna fashion scene:


Lena Hoschek – Just like the capital of cool in which she works, this Vienna fashion leader embraces both the old and the new. Her fashions marry a rough punk edge with distinctly feminine styles. A trip to her gallery will reveal fashions that are crafted with mastery to produce one-of-a-kind looks. In fact, each piece has its own distinct style that makes owning an original Lena Hoschek a real honor.


The Hot Dogs – This shop invites visitors to explore the works of a variety of designers. Its fashions range from Mandarina Brausewetter’s own distinct styles to famous labels such as Angelo van Mol. When it comes to trendy, cutting-edge designs for street wear, this is the place to stop to see the best in Vienna fashion and more.


Park Concept Store -  Shop a large selection of designers’ works at this unique store that brings design to the forefront. The concept store is located near the Mariahilfer Strasse, making it an easy stop on travels through this capital of cool.


Like the city itself, the Vienna fashion scene is bold, brilliant and pushes the envelope at every turn. Discovering the best places to take in the latest designs, however, can be quite the challenge for newcomers to this capital of cool. To make your adventure more enjoyable, we invite you to peruse our complete listing of recommendations on places to take in the latest in Vienna fashion.

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