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Unlimited shopping pleasure, pulsating nightlife, spectacular stage performances, creative cuisine - Zürich promises to captivate you over and over again.



Take In The Destinations That Make Zurich Art So Famous

Considered one of Europe’s most visually stunning capitals, Zurich is famed for more than natural beauty and architecture. Within this city thrives an ever-growing arts community that has continued to put Zurich art on the map. Visitors that wish to explore the gems of this arts scene will not be disappointed. Our listings provide a guide of must-see destinations.


Although Zurich artists have traditionally represented a wide spectrum of styles, the city is best known as the birthplace of the Dada movement. Founded during World War I right in the heart of Zurich, this cultural and artist movement was a backlash against the frivolities of the modern world. With Emmy Hennings, Jean Arp, Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara at its helm, the movement is said to have been born right inside Zurich’s famed Cabaret Voltaire. Not surprisingly, this is one of our favorite picks for visitors to see while touring this incredible city. A tour of this establishment enables visitors to take in the best of this truly distinct form of art and see why the movement spread like wildfire from one side of the globe to the other.


While Dadaism is one of Zurich’s claims to fame, it’s not the only one. We also recommend such destinations as:


Fotomuseum Winterthur – This Zurich art destination is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful museums dedicated to photography. Here visitors can take in some of the finest works found anywhere in this truly modern medium.


Landesmuseum – The Swiss National Museum houses amazing collections of art and historical pieces that begin in prehistoric times and move forward to modern works. Visitors here will truly gain a historical perspective on Zurich art through the ages.


The Opera House – Combining the very best of ballet and opera in an architecturally stunning setting, the Opera House is well worth a visit whether a show is on stage or not. This Zurich art destination has pleased generations of residents and visitors alike with its breathtaking beauty and masterfully produced performances.


The timeless beauty of this European capital city appeals to tourists from all over the world. From its natural views and architectural splendor right down to its art, Zurich is a destination that is unparalleled on the world stage. We invite you to explore our full recommendations of must-see Zurich art galleries, museums and more.

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