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Unlimited shopping pleasure, pulsating nightlife, spectacular stage performances, creative cuisine - Zürich promises to captivate you over and over again.




Zurich Architecture

Zurich is one of those truly modern cities that fully embraces the old while welcoming the new. This is perhaps the most evident in Zurich architecture where visitors can take in a towering modern glass structure, turn a corner and come face-to-face with a medieval masterpiece of building prowess.

At, we believe Zurich architecture, its mastery, beauty and diversity, set this city apart from the crowd. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of destinations we highly recommend. Whether you’d like to see a truly modern marvel of you would rather tour a sprawling church from the 800s, you can do it here.

To help you get the most out of your stay in Zurich, we have put together our favorite destinations for architectural gazing. Here is just a sampling of the suggestions we have to make:

Fraumunster Church – Stand in the shadow of this dominating structure and you will find yourself peering at a church that has stood since the 850s. This is a spectacular example of Zurich architecture at its finest. Although the church has undergone many expansion projects through the centuries, it remains a marvel for the eye and a testament to the mastery of yesterday and today’s designers.

Zurich Airport – Chances are most visitors will have the opportunity to explore this modern wonder at least twice during their time in Zurich. This modern example of Zurich architecture, however, is well worth a closer look. Dock E in particular was created with an eye toward artistic splendor. Architects created the glass façade and large skylights to give Dock E an open, transparent feel.

Tonhalle – This concert hall has dazzled crowds since the late 1800s. Its stunning design and excellent acoustics make it a marvel of architecture well worth taking in.

From the truly ancient to the most modern, Zurich architecture invites visitors to stop and take pause. The mastery and attention to detail in many of this cool capital’s buildings create a genuine feast for the eyes. invites you to explore our full listings of must-see destinations. 


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