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Unlimited shopping pleasure, pulsating nightlife, spectacular stage performances, creative cuisine - Zürich promises to captivate you over and over again.



Stay On The Cutting Edge With Zurich Fashion

While most people consider Paris the capital of fashion, Zurich is more than a diamond in the rough when it comes to clothing design. With a history that dates back thousands of years and a long-standing tradition of embracing the arts, this is one cool capital city when it comes to fashion.

Visitors who wish to explore the cutting edge of Zurich fashion will find there are many boutiques, stores and studios worth exploring. This city’s designers, in fact, are famed the world over for their mastery at the craft.

At, we’re pleased to offer you an insider’s view of what’s hot in the Zurich fashion scene. Browse our best bets and you’ll soon see that Paris has nothing on this capital city of cool.

To help you along your journey to explore the hottest trends in Zurich fashion, here are a few of our top picks:

Beige Swiss Styling – The Beige collection is one of the most sought after on the Zurich fashion scene. Designers Manuela Helg and Karin Maurer specialize in creating highly unconventional fabrics that are distinct in appearance, but always comfortable to wear. The collections they produce are limited editions and speak to the mastery found in Zurich fashion.

Stefi Talman – Clothing isn’t the only arena that Zurich fashion stands out from the crowd in. Shoes and accessories are also of major interest to the city’s famed designers. Stefi Talman, in fact, is famed for her extensive line of stylish accessories and shoes. She pulls her inspiration from Swiss design and architectural tradition. The beauty shows in every piece.

Tran Hin Phu – Taking modern style to a whole new level, this designer’s collections are always stunning and always limited by design. Phu’s clothing is produced in Switzerland. The line is noted for its feminine elegance and subtle sensuousness.

Zurich fashion offers much for travelers to explore. To get your finger on the pulse of this highly active scene, we invite you to further explore our listings of must-see destinations.

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