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Unlimited shopping pleasure, pulsating nightlife, spectacular stage performances, creative cuisine - Zürich promises to captivate you over and over again.



Savor The Style Of Zurich Restaurants

Zurich has been an international destination for centuries. With its beautiful landscapes, welcoming environment and cosmopolitan feel, it should come as little surprise that this Cool Capital also has some very cool places to eat. In fact, visitors here will find that Zurich restaurants are eager to please almost taste.

In a city famed for its art, architecture, fashions and more, food in Zurich embraces a variety of cultures. Taking culinary delight to a whole new level, the city’s restaurateurs provide upscale, traditional dining experiences, comfortable coffee shop atmospheres, trendy modern flavors and much more. No matter what your taste, you are going to find it in Zurich.

While it is truly difficult to select the best of the best of restaurants in Zurich, our guide is designed to highlight some of the most notable and popular destinations. We invite you to explore it in its entirety, but here are a few standout dining spots to tempt your taste buds:

Restaurant Zeughauskeller – Step back into this past in this dining establishment that was built in 1487. This is a favorite destination for food in Zurich for both locals and tourists because of its affordable, hearty meals that leave the appetite sated and the soul fed.  The historic building is an attraction on its own and the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and friendly. It provides a perfect place for visitors to sit down, enjoy and soak up the local scene.

Restaurant Adlisberg – This beautiful whitewashed restaurant is a favorite for those who want to enjoy traditional Swiss dishes in an atmosphere designed to relax. It is an ideal destination after a long day of sightseeing. Among the many restaurants in Zurich, this is a favorite for those who want to enjoy hearty food in a rustic environment.

Chasalp – Cheese is quintessential Switzerland and this establishment serves it up in plentitude. In fact, the menu is completely dedicated to cheese with dishes ranging from fondues to macaronis and beyond.

There’s more to Zurich than amazing history, architecture and art. The restaurants in Zurich prove this with their tantalizing menus, artistic presentations and richly prepared foods. We invite you to explore our entire selection of best bets so you can savor the flavors that make Zurich such a cool capital!

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