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COMING SOON is the first contemporary brand without the name of the designer mentioned. It is a brand created for a generation of women and men who wear what they like without stating who designed it. The individual looks are timeless, casual wear pieces made with perfect construction and sophisticated simplistic details. One of the signs of COMING SOON is the dot logo on the label that is directly embroidered on the clothing making it visible on the outfit's exterior. For its third collection, Fall - Winter 2009, COMING SOON plunges into the 1950's to create clothes defined by this 'couture elegance' in a super casual way. This collection features the encounter of an independent woman and a rebel man. She wears trousers either slim-fit, wide leg, knit or denim, with tabbed jackets, white shirts, thin ties, and is often enhanced by faux leopard fur and colour. He carries a rock & roll, rebel attitude through leather biker jackets and combat boots, all in black and white softened with accents of fall colours, smooth materials. COMING SOON is presented each season through a series of short films, starring a new generation of choreographers and dancers or performers. COMING SOON travels to different cities to express its philosophy through movement. The new third chapter titled "The Man with the Suitcase" was filmed in Antwerp,. It is a short film telling the story of a mysterious magician, "Mago", who carries a suitcase with four human puppets inside. Filmed in black and white, the atmosphere is like a fantasy, a vision of a dream.