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Albrecht Dürer - 50 prints by the Master

 Albrecht Dürer - 50 prints by the Master

Half a millennium ago, Albrecht Dürer drew his first human couple. To this day the engraving 'Adam and Eve' has not lost anything of its freshness. The protagonists' nakedness is no longer despised as sinful but, in the midst of a living cosmos, is opened to debate as the symbol of a new relationship between the sexes.

The more Dürer studied the subject of human beauty, the more he felt it eluded him: 'Beauty, I cannot know what it is, it is dependent on so many things'. And his 'Melancholy' casts a dubious light on the outcome of human striving - one of the most puzzling works in art history, on a par with Goya's 'Sleep of Reason'.

The fifty masterpieces of engraving exhibited here come from the collection of Dietrich Schindler (1795-1882), which - comprising 230 prints by Albrecht Dürer - was donated to the Kunsthaus in the year 2000. The collector, who spared neither effort nor expense in the acquisition of these works, was drawn to them above all by their sheer beauty.




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