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The Zürich Region

The Zürich Region

The Zürich Region: Winterthur, Rapperswil, Baden, Zug


Winterthur, on the banks of the Eulach has blossomed into a museum town. Highlights include the Oskar Reinhart Collection, Technorama and the Photograpic museum.


Rapperswil, anyone who loves roses should not miss a visit to this town on the upper reaches of Lake Zürich. Children particularly love the Knies Children Zoo. It's also one of Switzerland best kept medieval small towns.


Baden, the spa town in the Zürich Area, with its Thermal sources also provides the Grand Casino Baden, with the highest Swiss Jackpots.


In Zug, you have the Lake of Zug with it's cozy little corners on the one side and, on the other, the inviting picturesque olt town with it's quaint town houses.