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A very natural tour

A very natural tour

The Albufera Nature Reserve is just 10 km from the city of Valencia. This unique spot covering the more than 21,000 hectares which make up the Albufera and the Dehesa of El Saler constitute one of most important nature areas of the Mediterranean. There you can observe the full co-existence of traditional agriculture, fishing and cooking with the typical "barraca" homes made of adobe and straw. Visiting the nature reserve is quite convenient since several buses bound for the Albufera leave the centre of Valencia from Monday to Saturday. Once there, you can enjoy a boat tour through the lake to see the over 600 plant species and variety of animals that accounted for the reserve being declared a “Wetlands Zone of International Importance” by official European bodies. In addition, you can hike in the Dehesa on six properly indicated routes with information stands at each stop to help you enjoy your journey through the lush forest. /