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Getting around Valencia by Bus

Getting around Valencia by Bus

The cobblestones of Roman and Gothic Valencia, the city's beaches and the unspoilt surroundings of L'Albufera can all be visited aboard “Valencia Bus Turístic”. Three different routes offer you the opportunity to enjoy a front-seat view, accompanied by an individualized audio description (available in eight languages), of the city’s most treasured historical sites, such as the remains of the Roman city in Plaza de la Almoina, the austere beauty of La Lonja de Seda, the Mediterranean seafront and its traditional restaurants and modern open-air terraces, and the natural beauty of L’Albufera natural park, which offers spectacular views over the lake and its lush Mediterranean vegetation. A pleasure for the senses.Tickets for each route, which last approximately 90 minutes, are available at special rates for groups, families and senior citizens. The routes' scheduled stops allow visitors easy access on foot to different points throughout the city. For further information: