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"The Glory of Baroque"

Fundación la Luz de las Imágenes restores three Valencian churches, converting them into temples of the Valencian Baroque, a style which reached its greatest splendour in the city. Each of these churches will represent a different aspect, thus forming three interesting thematic blocks: the devotion for the Virgin Mary, Valencian sculpture and gold- and silver-work from the Middle Ages to the 20th century and Valencian baroque painting. In this order, the route begins in one of the city’s most exclusive streets, host to international boutiques representing companies such as Loewe and Louis Vuitton: Calle Poeta Querol. It is here that we find the Church of Saint John on the Cross. Next to the unique Plaza Redonda we find the Church of Saint Martin and Saint Anthony the Abbot, whilst the Church of Saint Stephen is located in the heart of the El Carmen neighbourhood. This cultural itinerary allows the visitor to discover a style that represents a city full of life, colour and art. For further information:

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