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All the city's information in one 'click'

All the city's information in one 'click'

Valencia has a new tourist office that is accessible from anywhere in the world. The has inaugurated a new section, the virtual office, via which anyone can prepare their trip from home. Once inside the new section you will be able to find a map of Valencia marked with the most attractive places in the city and a wide variety of brochures providing information about the extensive tourist attractions in the city. Furthermore, visitors to the site are able to download all kinds of videos containing information about this spectacular destination, both for those who have yet to visit and for those who wish to remember magic moments experienced in the city. Send a postcard, book a hotel, keep abreast of the latest news about events in Valencia, explore the heart of Africa or be the first to find out about the next edition of Valencia Cuina Oberta - Restaurant Week. These are just some of the advantageous options offered by this tourist office where you can interact with a friendly guide. Enter, and don’t wait to be told all about it.