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The “uvelecés” welcome under-10 tourists

The “uvelecés” welcome under-10 tourists

The UVELECÉS are the new guides for the smallest members of the household. Turismo Valencia has created five characters who will present the city’s many attractions by means of fun entertainment activities, drawings that can be coloured in and a simple questionnaire that will enable children to demonstrate their knowledge of Valencia. Mara is a beach-lover who frequents the city’s beaches, while Arqui is keen on strolling throughout the entire city, in which his favourite places are the “Veles e Vents” building, the City of Arts and Sciences and the amazing buildings to be found all over the city. Meanwhile, Flora is the greenest of the group, a nature lover who lives next to Bioparc and loves to take boat trips on the Albufera Lake and to visit the Oceanogràfic Museum. Flash is keener on large-scale events and never fails to attend the Formula 1 racing, the Open 500 tennis tournament and the MTV Winter Concert. However, there is no doubt that Bo lives best, enjoying Valencia’s fine food in the many sun-kissed terraces and a frequent visitor to the trendiest places in town. For further information: