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You still haven’t been to a “mascletà”?

You still haven’t been to a “mascletà”?

“Las Fallas” wouldn’t be complete without “mascletaes”, which begin on 1st March and continue up to the end of the festivities on the 19th.  At 2.00 o’clock each afternoon, Valencians and visitors gather in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to enjoy the vibrant explosions of more than 100 kg of gunpowder, set off within a five minute period and which create a unique, thunderous rhythm. The initial hush is broken by this explosion of joy, which ends up filling the square with an intense aroma and provoking broad smiles on the faces of the spectators, anxious for the arrival of the 15th March, the start of the main week of the Saint Joseph Festivities. Visit every day at 2.00 pm (GMT + 1:00) and you’ll be surprised. Further information: