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The family grows

The family grows

In the two years since its opening, Bioparc has seen its population grow, thus confirming the perfect adaptation of the animals to the environment. The latest animals to join Valencia’s most numerous family are young warthogs and lemurs, and even a giraffe. Bioparc is a different kind of park that invites the visitor to calmly enjoy the spectacle of elephants bathing in a lake, the human-like movements of chimpanzees and gorillas and the sight of hippopotamus weighing more than 3 tonnes in recently-opened Kitum Cave. Located in the west of the city, Bioparc reproduces African habitats, such as Madagascar, Equatorial Forests and the Savannah. By protecting animals in danger of extinction, the park enables visitors to increase their awareness of the importance of environmental respect through the contemplation of more than 4000 animals belonging to more than 250 different species.. Further information: