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Künzli Swiss Schuh

Künzli Swiss Schuh

Künzli – hard at work for over eighty years. Künzli – a piece of home with all the historic designs which have been refined and improved over the years and are now as popular as ever. They revel in their vintage quality and are lovingly referred to as old-school because somehow they seem to have been there back in the times of cobbled streets and country lanes. For people who only understand the language of the asphalt, there are now, of course, new cuts and designs in striking colour combinations and cool mixtures of material. But never without one genuine Swiss hallmark: the leather used to make them is of high quality and guarantees their durability. Increasingly, the company is using domestic raw materials and therefore making an important contribution to environmentally responsible production: a significant achievement which last year brought Künzli a Swiss Award in the Economy category.




Künzli Swiss Schuh
Im Viadukt 21
8005 zurich