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Valencia's Art Nouveau

Valencia's Art Nouveau

Valencia’s principal art nouveau references are the Colón Market, designed by Francisco Mora Berenguer in 1914, and the Central Market, created by Alejandro Soler March and Francisco Guardia Vial and terminated in 1928. Both buildings are characterized by their metallic structures and ceramic decoration, typical details to be found in the area. The open design of Colón Market, which was restored in 2002 and is located in the Ensanche neighbourhood, provides a very pleasant sensation of freshness. The interior of the market hosts everything from restaurants and cafes to flower stalls and a small market offering delicatessen products. The Central Market, located in the city’s historic centre and covering a surface area of 8,000 square metres, contains around 1,500 food stalls and is considered one of the most beautiful markets in Europe. Stained glass windows in the market’s dome provide a degree of luminosity which, when mixed with the variety of colours of the products on display, converts each visit into sensorial experience. Further information: /