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Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini

Chocolate is a luscious product, an elegant blend of ingredients to savour as a delicacy. The Belgian, Master chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini shares this philosophy when making his famous luxury chocolates and patisserie. Last decade he opened his first store and immediately excelled in the craft by wining numerous titles. The secret of this meteoric rise lies in the fantastic creativity displayed by this master. In his chocolates we find not only unusual fruit, such as apple, pear and melon but also ingredients as pepper, chestnut and sandalwood. Needless to say Marcolini is a master of creativity and every year releases a brand new line of luxury chocolates. He is also well known for his new interpretations of classic chocolates such as the Éclair.

Marcolini could in fact showcase his different awards and trophies as a trademark but he wisely chose the essence of this product, the cacao bean, as his brand.

To all chocolate lovers worldwide, have a taste of the exquisite and intense flavours of Pierre Marcolini, each praline will appeal to all your senses.




Pierre Marcolini
Kelderstraat 3
2000 antwerp