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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

A woman's everyday life

This exhibition shows the insides of handbags that are normally kept in glass cases and presents the things that women used to carry around with them. Bags and their contents can tell stories of women's everyday lives from the 19th century until today.

Hidden make-up boxes

After all, what's in your bag says a lot about you and your time, and it's not always things you'd want everyone to know. The accessories that surface tell a story about changes in society - for example after WWI, film stars became popular and with them, smoking cigarettes and the use of make-up. Bag manufacturers and cosmetics firms made powder compacts and lipstick holders hidden in a bracelet, or in the shape of gramophone records or pianos.

Event starts September 15, 2010 and ends January 30, 2011




Museum of bags and purses
Herengracht 573
1017 amsterdam