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A new species of bird sighted in Valencia

A new species of bird sighted in Valencia

As from 19 December, travelling by duck from Valencia to Madrid will be a reality. These two major capitals will be only 1 hour and 35 minutes apart, thanks to the inauguration of the new high-speed trains known as patos, or “ducks”. Services will depart 15 times a day and ticket prices will range from €31.90 to €143.70. With a capacity of 365 passengers per train, an estimated 3 million passengers will make use of the service each year. This opens up great opportunities for tourism with Valencia now so close to the Spanish capital, tourists will be able to travel here to enjoy the sun, sample some paella, depart on one of the many cruise ships that set sail from the city, or visit the city itself and discover the many attractions it has to offer. For more information, visit: /