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A'DAM Men & Fashion

A'DAM Men & Fashion

According to the stereotype, Dutch people don't like dressing extravagantly - certainly not the men. Who dares to stand out in a society where a pair of jeans is the accepted standard? Clothes and appearance are part of one's own identity and can imply a lot someone's status. Until 30 January 2011 you can visit A’DAM, men & fashion, an exhibition that focuses on men and their clothes in Amsterdam down the centuries.

This exhibition sets out to shed light on questions of how men differ form each other, who follows the trends and who deliberately deviates from them. The different parts of a man's wardrobe are examined: the suits, underwear, ties, hats and sneakers. The exibition asks which items come forth from traditions, which are new and which items attest to their wearer's courage and guts?

Past and present meet. Stunning 18th-century dressing gowns alternate with jeans, men's skirts and posh suits. For this exhibition, the museum collaborated with fashion students and six young designers, including Huyn Yeu, Sjaak Hullekes and NONbyKIM, have created eye-catching outfits for the 21st-century man.




Amsterdam Historical Museum
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 357


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