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George Michael wears Belgian sunglasses

George Michael wears Belgian sunglasses

British pop star George Michael will shortly launch his brand-new single ‘True Faith’. On the cover picture of the single he wears a pair of sunglasses by the Belgian brand theo. This model ‘Bel Air’ was designed by Belgian fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen.

theo and Tim Van Steenbergen are delighted that George chose this distinctive pair of sunglasses for the cover! Apparently the glasses are to his taste as he has been spotted wearing them is his everyday life!

The model Bel Air is part of the American Old Timers collection. Tim Van Steenbergen was inspired by the splendid chrome decorative strips, gleaming bumpers and rounded corners of American vintage cars. The Old Timers collection is available at the theo opticians in Antwerp and worldwide at selected Tim Van Steenbergen sales outlets.

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