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From the Big Apple to the City of Oranges

From the Big Apple to the City of Oranges

From 1 June, Delta Air Lines will be operating flights from New York to Valencia. With four direct flights PER week until September, passengers will be able to fly from one city to the other in just 8 hours. Valencians will be able to discover the city of skyscrapers, while New Yorkers get the chance to visit a city with everything from architecture dating as far back as 138 BC, to the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava. Not to mention its exquisite and diverse cuisine, cultural and environmental attractions, beaches located just 20 minutes from the city centre, and an endless number of breathtaking places to discover. All this, in a city that basks in a pleasant Mediterranean climate make a trip to Valencia a truly enchanting experience.


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