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Museum of Wishes

Museum of Wishes

Karola Kraus reopens the MUMOK as its new Director with the exhibition "Museum of Wishes". The exhibition will present works from its own collection and pieces which the museum intends to purchase in the near future. The exhibition will revolve around a hand-picked selection from the museum's 9,000 piece collection of classical modern to contemporary art. Pieces by Alberto Giacometti, Rene Magritte, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso will represent the classical modern period. Recent work by Gerhard Richter and Herbert Brandl is on show - as are artistic films, photographs and videos.

The exhibition is supplemented by about 30 pieces which are on the museum's wish list. The aim is to find supporters and sponsors for the exhibits made available by galleries and collectors - who are willing to acquire the pieces for the museum's collection. Among them are works by internationally renowned artists such as Dan Flavin, Fred Sandback, Ray Johnson, Robert Barry, Isa Genzken, Cindy Sherman, Louise Lawler and Monika Sosnowska.

Pino Pascali: La vedova blu, 1968
Photo (c) MUMOK

Event starts September 10, 2011 and ends January 8, 2012




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