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Experience true Dutch cuisine

Experience true Dutch cuisine


A charming restaurant and a homey establishment that is a perfect example of traditional Dutch cuisine. Haesje Claes offers a wide range of typically Dutch dishes: try some of the classics, like  hotchpotch, cheese dishes, Dutch beefsteak, salted herring with onions or Dutch meatballs with cabbage!


Besides their delicious food, Haesje Claes is a beautiful example of traditional Dutch architecture and occupies six epic buildings in which original architectural features have been preserved.


Haesje Claes was founded in 1974, but originates from Lady Haesje Claes, who was born in 1520. She started an orphanage in the building across the street (now Amsterdam Museum). Back then there were a lot of orphans because fathers would go off to sea and never return. Desperate mothers were forced to abandon their children and Haesje Claes took the kids in and cared for them. Even still some of them who are still here come back to the restaurant to reminisce and bring them gifts! 





Restaurant Haesje Claes
Spuistraat 273-275
1012 VR amsterdam


+31 (0)20 6249998