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Yamamoto (Zone 6)

Yamamoto (Zone 6)

Antwerp has been a fashion capital for some time but now it seems as if the city can finally reign supreme. No one less than Yohji Yamamoto has opened his own flagship store in the Antwerp Fashion Museum. Of course, a few people may say that commercial enterprise and culture shouldn't be blended, but they are just being jealous (and name one -just one- museum that doesn't sell postcards, coffee mugs, books and other 'arty' items at inflated prices). And besides, as far as we are concerned, Yamamoto is art. Vincent Van Duysen and Wim Goes can both take credit for the splendid interior design, but of course the focus should -and will- be on the designs of the master. In short: they have everything Yamamoto on sale - including Mandarina Duck, his jewelry collection and the designs of his daughter Limi Feu. You might want to extend your credit card limit for this one. Banzai!




Yamamoto (Zone 6)
Nationalestraat 32
2000 Antwerp