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Essentiel Men's Store

Essentiel Men's Store

The first Essentiel Men's store - their women's boutique is only a few houses down the street- offers you a wide selection of this Belgian clothing brand. Their first line was created in 1999 by Esfandiar Eghtessadi (Nicole Cadine's son), who grew up in fashion. They design clothes which can be worn and combined to the infinite and which is fitting to all our moods. This collection shifts with great ease from relaxed style to a naturally sophisticated one (this definition fits both their collections). The interior of the shop is quite stunning, with lots of elements from the 60s and the 70s. Apart from clothes, this shop also has a range of lifestyle products on sale like carrier bags by Orla Kiely, soaps and candles by Klaus Porto, headgear by Anthony Peto, interior objects, health care products and an array of books and cds, including up and coming Belgian bands and artists as well as a few small labels from abroad.




Essentiel Men's Store
Schuttershofstraat 42
2000 Antwerp