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Mimi Maxwell

Mimi Maxwell

Shoe and handbag addicts beware! If you happen to stroll unsuspectingly by this store, your eyes will be instantly drawn to its shop window as if pulled by some heavy magnet and before long you'll be browsing, fitting and spending as if there's no tomorrow. This luxurious shop -with an extraordinarily friendly staff- offers the finest in footwear so the likes of Zanotti (think stilettos and leather), Stella McCartney (her handbags will shortly be for sale there as well), Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Paul Smith rule supreme. Even worse: the shop has a cordial vibe about it - which is of course in stark contrast to all those other expensive shops where everybody seems to have swallowed a broom handle- so you will actually like to spend even more time -and money- there. Well, you've been warned...




Mimi Maxwell
Nationalestraat 26
2000 Antwerp