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Zomerbar Cargo

Zomerbar Cargo

This summer bar opened for the first time in 2008 and was a true surprise for visitors and locals alike. It is located in a huge old train depot at Spoor Noord, a brand new park in the northern part of town.

Cargo boasts a fantastic terrace with comfortable deck chairs and plenty of strolling space, and the bar offers a good range of cocktails next to the usual array of soft drinks, beers and liquors. And there's more on the menu, like homemade pizzas, pastas and delicious desserts. From time to time, also, films are screened or local musicians take the stage.

In 2008, Cargo is open until October 30, so if you're quick you might have a chance to experience the unique atmosphere it offers. If not, you'll have to bide your time till next summer, but we guarantee you it will be worth the wait!




Zomerbar Cargo
Cargo Zomerbar