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Museum Eugeen Van Mieghem

Museum Eugeen Van Mieghem

In recent years, the work of Antwerp port artist Eugeen Van Mieghem (°1875) has been rediscovered both in and outside Belgium. As a boy, Van Mieghem was confronted with and grew deeply fascinated by the harsh reality of waterfront life. All sorts of harbour folk began populate his canvases: sack porters, sack makers, emigrants, dockers and tramps. Van Mieghem had his first taste of success in 1901 alongside Cézanne, Monet and Renoir, but, grief-stricken because of the death of his wife, he didn't show his work for nearly ten years. In 1910 he exhibited again, only to keep doing so until his death in 1930. The Museum Van Mieghem has an extensive collection of his drawings, which breathe an unrivalled raw power and authenticity, as you can see on the museum's website. The museum is open for visitors every Sunday between 2 and 6 pm. Groups are admitted during weekdays, but only by appointment. If you want to hire an English guide, contact the Van Mieghem Foundation through the website.




Museum Eugeen Van Mieghem
Museum Eugeen Van Mieghem